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Your favorite posts saved to your browsers cookies. If you clear cookies also favorite posts will be deleted.

Allows users to add favorite posts. This plugin use cookies and database for
saving data.

  • If a user logged in then favorites data will saved in database instead of cookies.
  • If user not logged in data will saved in cookies.

You can choose “only registered users can favorite a post” option, if you want.
Also there is a widget named “Most Favorited Posts”. And you can use this template
tag for listing most favorited posts;

Most Favorited Posts

If you use WP Super Cache you must add page (which you show favorites) URI to “Accepted Filenames &
Rejected URIs”.

If you need support create a topic on support forum

Please submit your pull requests to https://github.com/hberberoglu/wp-favorite-posts


Latest version: Download WP Favorite Posts v1.6.8 [zip] (Downloaded times)


If you like this plugin show your appreciation and make a small donation.
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  1. Unzip into your /wp-content/plugins/ directory.
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  3. Place <?php if (function_exists('wpfp_link')) { wpfp_link(); } ?> in your
    single.php or page.php template file. Then favorite this post link will appear in all posts.
  4. OR if you DO NOT want the favorite link to appear in every post/page, DO NOT
    use the code above. Just type in FavoriteLoadingAdd to favorites into the selected post/page
    content and it will embed the print link into that post/page only.
  5. Create a page e.g. “Your Favorites” and insert
    text into content section. This page will contain users favorite posts.
  6. That’s it 🙂


For changelog go here.

396 thoughts on “WP Favorite Posts

  1. bren

    sorry for all these posts!

    for settings input such as the ‘Text for favorites are empty’
    an input like ‘Your favorites are empty. You can add pages and posts here by clicking the “Add to favorites” link at the bottom of each page’
    is rendering with slashes -> \”Add to favorites\”
    same for html such as Add to favorites is being rendered without parsing the HTML.

    thanks again for a great plugin – looking forward to the updates

  2. bren

    more ideas again – hope you don’t mind!

    ability to merge cookie favorites with logged in favorites would be nice so that if you add a favorite before loggin in you can merge the cookie data to the database saved list.

    currently they are independant so the following things happen
    – if you add a favorite as a cookie then log in, the page will be shown with the other database entries but will of course be lost if you clear cookies
    – if you add a favorite as a cookie then log in, if you already existed as a database favorite then two instances will be displayed

    thanks again

  3. Strand Sardinien

    Hi there, thanks for that plugin, it works great.
    But is there a way to have more than one User Favourite`s widgets?
    I use different sidebars for different categories and more than one instance!

    Thanks for your help

  4. helen

    This plugin is beautiful!
    But, if i want to display the favorite posts in author page (author.php), what can i do?
    I mean to display authomatically the favorite post of EACH author of the blog (not only mine).

  5. jamy

    when i install the plugin i have an error

    Fatal error: Cannot redeclare wpfp_widget_view() (previously declared in /homez.146/boumelit/www/wordpress/wp-content/plugins/wp-favorite-posts/wpfp-widgets.php:3) in /homez.146/boumelit/www/wordpress/wp-content/plugins/wp-favorite-posts/wpfp-widgets.php on line 3

    and when you will update the last favorite post ?


  6. Luke Stephenson

    Hi, thanks for the great plugin.

    I would love to modify the page which lists the favorite posts. At the moment it only displays the post title. I need each favorite item to display the featured image and the value of a custom field called “location”. This would make the plugin even more amazing!!! Please could you supply the code?

  7. Luke

    Hi Huseyin,

    Great Plugin! I really would like to style the list of favorites . Please could you provide the code for adding the post featured image and the value of a custom field called “location”??

    Thanks a lot!

  8. BAC

    Loving wpfp Huseyin.

    Is there a simple way to get count of “Favorited Posts” for the current user [via the cookie]?

    I would like to display the count next to a link to the favorited posts page e.g favorited posts (3) etc.

    I’d then have to AJAXify this as using W3 total cache Page Cache.


  9. ygertz


    First of all, thank you for the plugin!

    I can add the widget once but my theme has 4 different sidebars. How can I add the plugin in all my sidebars?

    How could I get logs for the favorited post added/removed?

    Thanx for the support!

  10. Jesper


    thanks for a great plugin.
    I would need to insert the favorite list in some sort of contact form or email. I would like the possibility to let the visitor send me their list. Do you know any way to do that..?

    Thanks again for a awsome plugin.

  11. jaapo

    hi, like the plugin but i like to know what the php code is for; {{wp-favorite-posts}} so i can put in the author.php…

  12. Wendy

    Great plugin. I had someone customize the look of it for me. I have two issues. Could you fix these for my site? I would pay you. Readers tell me there is a limit of what can be listed in the favorites list. After a certain amount has been added it drops some off. Is there a way to make the list unlimited? Also, sometimes the whole list gets wiped out for no reason. I warn readers not to delete their cookies but they say they aren’t and it is still happening. Do you know why?

  13. Wendy

    Not sure my message came through. I use your plugin and love it. I have over 300 a day who use it and this helps me to keep more of my readers on my site. I keep hearing from them on the same issues though and I don’t know how to solve it.

    They go to their favorite list and it is empty. They do not delete cookies.
    The Favorites list seems to have a limit and it drops some off without warning.

    Can these things be fixed? I would be willing to pay for the help.

  14. Stixman

    Hi all, it is possible to show the category and the image of the post in the favorite page and order by ASC ?
    like : Actiongames : [ Image ] Black Ops Korean


  15. Charlie

    Hey, love the plugin. Great work!
    However, I want the icon (heart etc) to be clickable instead of the text, so when you click the heart it lights up from grey to color.

    How can I do this?


  16. Ciprian

    Since I just did this, I might as well help Charlie out. Select “no image” and add html in the “Text for add link” option and do the same for the remove link.

    Now for my question: I want to show the from latest to oldest favorite posts on the Favorites page. So the latest favorited post should be on top. How can I do that? Should be a user option. A clickable title.

    Thank you!

    1. Huseyin Berberoglu Post author

      @Ciprian with latest verison of plugin this feature is default. You should update your plugin.

  17. Michel Fortin

    Bug report: in wp-favorite.posts.php line 417, you need to add a backslash before the ? query as the WP output will be wrong (it issues a double quote instead of single).

  18. Michel Fortin

    Yes, when you don’t add /? it turns the single quote ‘ into a double ” in my wordpress installations. Since it starts with a double quote ” and ends with a single quote ‘ it creates havoc for installations with redirect plugins that force a trailing slash on categories, for example.

    Here’s before I added the slash on line 417:

    <a id="rem_4080" class="wpfp-link remove-parent" href="?wpfpaction=remove&page=1&postid=3640' title='X' rel='nofollow'>X</a>

    And now, AFTER I added the fix…

  19. Michel Fortin

    Let me try this again. Before the fix…


    After I added the fix, it added the domain in the link and a double quote to properly close it.


  20. ku

    hello, if not is_user_logged_in I want to let it to Login page , how to do this ? who can help me ??? please!

  21. Florence

    Great work, thanks!
    I do have one suggestion.
    I’d love to see a favorite posts plugin that wil show the users a list of their favorite posts.
    Are you planning on doing anything like that with this plugin or are you not changing it any more?

  22. Jens

    Hello and thank you for a great plugin!
    You say that you add the code to single.php, but is it also possible to add it to index.php, to show the favorite link on all posts on the homepage?

    Thank you!
    // Jens.


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