BP Posts on Profile (BuddyPress)

Adds ‘Posts’ link to member’s profile page, and shows member’s blog posts on that page.


Latest version: Download BP Posts on Profile (BuddyPress) v1.0 [zip] (Downloaded times)


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Download and upload the plugin to your plugins folder. You can activate it to test the BP Posts On Profile it provides.


For changelog go here.

20 thoughts on “BP Posts on Profile (BuddyPress)

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    1. Huseyin Berberoglu Post author

      @Greg, sub-blogs doesn’t supported yet. Maybe plugins support sub-blogs in next versions.

  2. Patrick

    Hi Huseyin,

    Great plugin idea! And it works just fine for the main blog. Is there any progress yet on a version to support user blogs? That would make this very useful for a network with multiple blogs per user.

  3. Jochen

    i’ll second that sub-blogs idea, it’s kind of lame without it ;)

    great work anyway, thanks.

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  5. Jon

    Any way to link the user to their posts, outside of the Buddypress admin menu? This plugin is doing exactly what I need…except that I would like the link accessible from other areas of the site besides only the social networking. I have social networking as only a component of the site…with an area that shows the user some options for social networking.

  6. Musa Shohet

    Hello Huseyin,

    I’d like to ask something about this plugin, if you may.

    When you click on ‘Posts’ in a user’s profile, it lists t the posts with all their content by the user. I’d like to know if there’s a way to list post-excerpts in the result-page rather than all the content of each post.

    What lines of code in what file should I modify to achieve that?

    Thanks in advance,

  7. Alemar

    I want the “post” tab to redirect to the displayed user author page instead of their posts being displayed. To be more clear, it would be /author/’name of the displayed user’ instead of /members/’name of the displayed user’/posts
    If this is not possible, how can i change the post display to thumbnails of posts and show the excerpt (first 70 words of the post). Thanks in advance.

  8. SeanA

    Hello, I am experiencing an issue where the posts show for page 1 but not for page 2-9 but to show from page 10 – infinite. Do you have any idea why? I am using latest wordpress and buddypress coupled with wpmu. Great plugin thanks!

  9. Sascha

    Hi Huseyin,

    that is a great plugin! Thank you very much!

    As I use several custom post types and would like to show all of them (posts, articles, jobs) I looked at your code to see if I could modify it to not only show posts, but to also show all other post types that the user has created and also create new tabs for each post type. Unfortunately I did not succeed – my PHP and knowledge of Buddypress is quite limited.

    Would you be able to get me started/ give me some hints as on how to accomplish this? Maybe someone else has tackled this already? Thanks!

  10. Dmitry

    Why do not the buttons “next pages” and “previous pages”?
    How can I see more posts than 10?

  11. lalulula

    hey, loving the plugin, thanks so much.

    having some trouble
    1- can the posts be paginated? or limit the amount of post to show?
    2- can you help me to organize the posts to aligne like in the home page? http://lalulula.com/red/ (so that thera arent any blank spaces between the posts)

    thnks !!! :)

    1. Huseyin Berberoglu Post author

      @lalulua; Hi, with last version the default template (wpfp-page-template.php) has pagination. Secound issue needs extra work, it’s not a big issue but you should find a wordpress developer for this.


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