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WP Favorite Posts 1.4.1 Released

WP Favorite Posts 1.4.1 released. See Changelog for differences.

The important change is that;

I’ve added two action; wpfp_after_add and wpfp_after_remove. You can use these actions if you want to do something after someone add/remove a post to favorite. Usage example;
add_action('wpfp_after_add', 'my_custom_function');
function my_custom_function() {
// do something

Detailed Post

WP Favorite Posts 1.3.2 Released!

I’m writing this post for announce new version of WP Favorite Post plugin. If you want to read details (installation etc.), you can go  project page of WP Favorite Posts.

There is no major changes. With this version these are changed;

  • “Favorite Posts” setting page moved under Setting tab on WP admin panel. Before it was under Plugins panel but i see all other plugins placing their setttings page to Settings tab and i placed it to it’s right place…
  • Added wpfp_get_users_favorites() function which returns an array which includes current user’s favorite posts ids.

That’s all folks.