WP Favorite Posts 1.4.1 Released

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WP Favorite Posts 1.4.1 released. See Changelog for differences.

The important change is that;

I’ve added two action; wpfp_after_add and wpfp_after_remove. You can use these actions if you want to do something after someone add/remove a post to favorite. Usage example;
add_action('wpfp_after_add', 'my_custom_function');
function my_custom_function() {
// do something

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18 thoughts on “WP Favorite Posts 1.4.1 Released

    1. Huseyin Berberoglu Post author

      @Ian; I home, too :) I’ve started a full time job. And I’m giving WordPress Consulting to a new startup so i couldn’t find time on theese weeks.

  1. Griffin Boyce

    Hi! Really love the idea for this plugin! It works really well for me, but I was curious if you knew of a way to enable favorites across all WPMU blogs on my site. If not, it would be a great feature!

    Thanks again. =)

    1. Huseyin Berberoglu Post author

      Griffin; For now it’s not support wpmu user blogs. But you can use with wpmu’s main blog.

  2. Tanveer Malik

    I am planning to use this plugin on a Multisite enabled WordPress v3.0, I will appreciate if the author or someone else could comment on whether it is compatible with the Multisite feature of the v3.01 or Not?

  3. Nina

    What a fantastic plugin!

    I’m having a small problem with it, though — I can’t seem to change the title of the widget. When I change it and save, it just goes back to the default. :( Any idea what might be going on?

  4. Sumon Khan

    I have a problem for this plugin. I wanna add a “your favorite post” option into my WordPress admin panel. How can I do that? Please, reply me! I am waiting for your response.


  5. Nate

    Hi Huseyin, love this plugin. I was just wondering about SSL compatibility. I managed to hack the plugin, so it works, but I’m sure I did it wrong. So I’d love to hear any suggestions. Basically it sets the script and css calls to https when on a secure page.


    Instead of:
    define(‘WPFP_PATH’, WP_PLUGIN_URL . ‘/wp-favorite-posts’);

    I used:
    define(‘WPFP_PATH’, home_url() . ‘/wp-content/plugins/wp-favorite-posts’);

  6. goyokoo

    when i use permalink : “/%category%/%postname%”,hit the wp-favorite-posts “Add to favorites” is error! “Remove favorites” is error, “clear…..” is error! :(

  7. goyokoo

    When i use permalink : “/%category%/%postname%”,hit the wp-favorite-posts “Add to favorites” is error! “Remove favorites” is error, “clear…..” is error! :(

  8. Carlos

    First of all, great plugin !
    I used it to show in a box 3 favorite posts, actually, it shows the firts added.
    Is it possible to order the posts displayed by the last added ?

    Thanks for your help !


  9. Aaron Carambula

    First, thanks for the excellent plugin.
    I thought I’d let you know I added one little bit to make styling easier for me:
    wp-favorite-posts.php Line 160: Added a class after wpfp-link of wpfp-“.$action.”
    Now I can style a link differently for favorite posts.

    Thanks again!

  10. colir

    thanks for you plugin, it’s so cool !

    I’ve a little question:
    i tried to make a redirection after removing a favorited post from the favorited post list

    add_action(‘wpfp_after_remove’, ‘favorite_remove’);
    function favorite_remove() {
    $redirect = ‘http://’.$_SERVER[“HTTP_HOST”];

    but this as not effect… i tried to reload the page to get the update list without the text “Removed from favorites!”


  11. Ciprian


    Great plugin I started using it recently. Can you tell me how to add a thumb on the favorite’s page?

    I would also like to know if you are still supporting the plugin.



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