9 thoughts on “MediaRSS with Post Thumbnail Plugin for WordPress

  1. Does this add to the normal sitemap or create a new one? If it adds to the existing one, will it be compatible with other sitemap plugins? How can I verify that it’s working?


  2. I’ve installed your plugin for a client and I’m just trying to figure out if there are any settings to be made for it. Where do I see the results of your plugin or where can I change settings? I haven’t been able to find any good documentation stating exactly what it should be doing.


    1. @Jared there’s no settings page. Because it’s doing only one thing. It adds post’s thumbnail to your rss feed. if you want this, activate it. if you don’t want deactivate :)

  3. hai dear sir bro i hope you will be fine .i just need to know that how can i add hidden page on my website which djfun.net. my site is based on movies so i cant up date alot off movies on single page …so i want to provide my site viewer alot of movies….but it’s going too tough for me…kindly help me out and tell me which plugin i will have to insatall for my hidden pages
    .i shall be very thanksful to you

  4. Hello.
    Is there anyway of picking up a generic image if one is not included in the post?
    I am using feedwordpress to aggregate several blog feeds and then bring that one feed into a widget on our website. My problem is that is there is no image in the blog, it displays as a white box. I would like to include a default image if none is found in the blog.

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