WP Favorite Posts 1.3.1 Released!

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I’m writing this post for announce new version of WP Favorite Post plugin. If you want to read details (installation etc.), you can go  project page of WP Favorite Posts.

  • Added Before Link Image feature.
  • Refactor code and imporve DRY
  • Fixed bug: Most favorite list’s string sorting problem 2 > 11
  • Fixed bug: Clear link not updating post’s favorited count

Before link image feature looks like that;

3 thoughts on “WP Favorite Posts 1.3.1 Released!

  1. Shane

    Great plugin! It reminds me of the ‘Like’ feature on Tumblr. Would it be possible to make the link display a different image if they have clicked favorite on a post? For instance, a gray heart if they’ve not added it to their favorites, but a bright red heart if they have?


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