Simple Facebook Like

Adds “Facebook Like Button” after or before your post content. This plugin have an admin page so you can easily configure it.

Facebook Like Button introduced on

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Latest version: Download Simple Facebook Like v1.0.1 [zip] (Downloaded 15061 times)


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  1. Unzip into your /wp-content/plugins/ directory.
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  3. That’s it ­čÖé
  4. Go admin panel and manage hidden pages.


For changelog go here.

61 thoughts on “Simple Facebook Like

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    1. Huseyin Berberoglu Post author

      @Jay, go to your wp-admin > Settings > Simple Facebook Like, and configure it to top of post

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  4. Carolyn

    I guess I don’t understand Brian’s answer. :-) My isn’t in German, nor is my blog. Can I localize this Like button to English or not? (My German cousins would understand the German version, but none of my American readers would…)

  5. Carolyn

    Okay, I take that back. I just went to Facebook again, and now it’s all in German for me. Even when I click on English…or Portuguese. It’s a mystery….

  6. Brian

    It seemed to get stuck in German for me until I logged in. I don’t know why German, but that’s what it was. After logging in, everything reverted to English.

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  8. Talat

    merhaba h├╝seyin bey. eklentinizi be─čendim ve kullan─▒yorum. fakat wordpress plugin dizinindeki benzer eklentiler APP ID isterken sizin eklentinizde b├Âyle bir numara istenmiyor? bunun sebebini merak ettim do─črusu.

    1. Huseyin Berberoglu Post author

      Talat bey app id ile be─čen’e t─▒kland─▒─č─▒nda yorum ekleyebilme ├Âzelli─či de aktif hale getirilebiliyor. Bahsetti─činiz eklentilerde benim eklentime ek olrak bu ├Âzellikte bulundu─čundan appid istiyorlar.

  9. Talat

    Anliyorum. Tesekkurler.
    Peki siz ilerleyen gunlerde bu ozelligi eklemeyi dusunuyormusunuz eklentinize?

  10. Huseyin Berberoglu Post author

    A├ž─▒k├žas─▒ d├╝┼č├╝nm├╝yorum, benimkisi simple olarak kalacak gibi, bahsetti─čim ├Âzelli─či kullanmak istiyorsan─▒z di─čer eklentileri ├Âneririm.

  11. engin

    Eklenti i├žin te┼čekk├╝rler. WP Favorite Posts mant─▒─č─▒nda san─▒r─▒m bu eklenti. Fakat Facebook arkada┼člar─▒ aras─▒nda ka├ž ki┼či be─čendi diye say─▒yor. Do─čru anlam─▒┼č m─▒y─▒m?

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  13. marl├Ęne

    Hi Huseyin, I installed your widget which is great, but I have a problem. It only appears into one page and I want it in every page of my blog. Can you help?
    Thanks a lot

  14. Mat


    I have this plugin installed on my blog. There are 2 things that “bother” me.

    On a post I have “Will Smith and 5 others like this”… I can see Will Smith likes it, but I can’t see who the other 5 people are. Is that normal or am I missing something? In FB you can see everyone who likes it, by clicking on the “others” link (which is not present on the blog).

    I have the same post “Shared” on my FB profile. I noticed “likes” are not interchanged between WordPress blog and my FB profile. On wordpress I have 4 likes (can see 1, can’t see who the other 3 are), on FB I have 1 like (from another friend, not shown on wordpress). I though I would have 5 likes (4 from WP and 1 from FB) shown on WP and FB. Is that not the case?


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  16. jan

    Hi thanks for this plugig, i used it in the twentyten layout which i modificate it via css only, the like button doesnÔÇÖt show up in the search results.

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  18. Kolby Harris

    I installed the plugin but it shows up on every plog post as the same button. for instance, if you like one blog post then you liked all of them because it thinks you are liking the about page. so basically the plugin thinks every blog post is the same about page. every other page works fine except the blog and about page. they seem to be linked. how do i fix this?

  19. Adam Smith


    the facebook like now appears on every page….is there a way to exclude it from certain pages?

    I’d really only like it to display on posts and a couple of my pages only.

    Many thanks.

  20. Dwight

    Hi Huseyin,

    I really like your plugin, and so far it has worked very well for me.

    My question for you is about deactivating/hiding the Facebook Like on static pages. It shows up on my blog posts (which is great), but I don’t want it to show up on my static pages. Can you tell me how to deactivate/hide Facebook Like on static pages?

    Thank you!

  21. Phil

    Hi! Thanks for your plugin, it’s really simple and really nice to use.

    One problem I have is that I just added a /contact page and the LIKE is appearing on that (I’d like it to not appear on that page).

    Programatically, what do you think is the easiest way of handling this?

    I had a look in the code in simple-facebook-like.php and the function sfl_content_filter which seems to be doing all the work and see that it receives a variable $content.

    Is there an easy way to check if this variable is a page? Or to check the URL of the page so that I can filter that way?



  22. dennis

    i am having the problem of NO buttons shown for this plugin.
    And i have tryed the default template.

    What tags is needed in a template for this plugin to show?


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