12 thoughts on “Simple Facebook Like plugin released

  1. Fatih

    Plugin çok güzel. Eline sağlık.
    Türkçeleştirmek mümkün mü?
    Like yerine Beğen ve
    xx kişi bunu beğendi gibi..

  2. Chris O'Brien

    Hey: Love the plugin. Using it on my site. However: It seems to be pulling in the link from the article rather than the headline. So it says, when I hover over the like button:

    You like “http://nextnewsroom.com/2010/07/27/benefits-of-merging-print-and-digital-newsrooms-at-washington-pos.”

    Any idea why it might be picking up the link rather than the headline?

  3. Stu

    Hi there,

    I like your plugin, but there’s one thing I think it would benefit from: the ability to specify a class attribute for the iframe tag that gets inserted.

    I’ve modified your code so that a class is always appended on a blog that I write on, but I think it would make sense for it to be in the sfb_like_options hash and on the settings page.

  4. ferhatbesler

    Selamlar, plugin çok başarılı. Benim bir isteğim var ben index sayfasında bu plugini göstermek istemiyorum. Sadece yazı sayfalarında gösterebilme imkanimiz nedir? “Haberi taraflar yorumluyor” adlı web sitesinde bunu yapmak istiyorum. Yardımcı olursanız çok sevinirim. Teşekkürler

  5. Kaprado

    Hey Huseyin,

    i hust installed your Simple-fb-like Plugin and i rally like it. But theres one thing i would really like, too. I miss an option to hide the plugin on Pages, is it possible to do that? I’m sorry im a totaly noob in coding and cant imagine if its hard to realise this or not. But if it’s easy for a guy like you, it would be really cool if you implement it or at least give me a line i could copy to the template.

    Greetings from Germany


  6. CherryTeresa

    Hello. Thanks for this plug-in. I like it a lot. I have a question. I am about to move my website to a new server. It will have the same domain name and the same naming scheme (so all the urls will be the same). Will my ‘likes’ carry over, or will they reset back to 0?

  7. david fitzgerald

    Have I missed instructions somewhere??.

    Have downloaded, installed and activated but can’t find out how to use it!

    Should there be some box to check /uncheck once I’m in the pages menu?

    Is there setting that need to be set up?

    I,m not technical so don’t need anything fancy or that will mess up existing set up.



  8. Gareth

    Hi Huseyin,
    I’ve only just started my blog and have installed your plugin through wordpress but for some reason the like button my my home/posts page doesn’t work properly. If you click on it, it says you like this but then when you revisit the page later it has gone. Also it doesn’t post to facebook. The other like buttons on the other page work just fine but not this one. Could you please help?


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