7 thoughts on “WP Hide Pages Released!

  1. Sherwood Tucker

    This plugin really works well and is easy to use (something I need LOL)
    Is there a way to add something like “Login to the nav bar? And how is thisdone?

  2. Marina Kim

    Hi, Huseyin
    Thank you for the plugin, it works great and is very easy! I would just say, that it took me good half an hour to figure out where to find it. For a new-comer to WP it could be very helpful to mention how to find the control for it on the admin page.
    So. For the newcomers: go to admin page, under Settings low down the list find Hide Categories, click on it. The categories are moved from hidden to visible simply by clicking on the titles. Easy! Once you know it :-)))

    Thank you!

  3. Conrad

    Love this plugin! However I now have a new theme and although the plugin hides the pages, it doesn’t hide “home” in area where nav menu normally is.

    I have also tried the following code in custom css:
    #navigation {
    but this doesn’t seem to work either.

  4. Zafar

    Hi! I use your Hide Pages plugin on almost all my sites.. some of the WP themes put the list of pages on the footer as well and the hidden pages show up there.. can you fix that?

  5. Angad

    I installed the WP Hide pages plug in but I just cant seem to find a way to work it. Im in the dash board but i dont see anywhere to control pages using this plugin.

  6. Haris

    Awesome plugin. Worked great till wp updated to 3.3. Looks like you are not interested to update the plugin. Please take a look at new wp 3.3, update option button not working.


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